4 features that you may have missed in ConnectWise Sell

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Sam Demulling
4 ConnectWise Sell essentials you can’t afford to overlook

If you’re already using ConnectWise Sell® to automate your quote and proposal process, you’re cranking out quotes faster and more easily than ever before. That’s critical for growing your business. After all, when a customer needs a quote, you don't have time to dawdle. And because they let you break down the proposed work in detail, your quotes highlight the total value you’re providing, making it easier for your customers to say “yes.”

These are just some of the primary benefits ConnectWise Sell customers notice, but what about some of those essentials you might not yet be aware of?

#1: Pricing rules let you apply the right pricing to each customer, automatically

Making sure your quote pricing is accurate can be a tedious and error-prone task, one where a simple mistake can be a costly one. Product prices change frequently, and not every employee “gets the memo.” Or someone didn’t know to apply a special discount for your number one customer. Mistakes happen, but pricing errors like these can cost you big in both dollars and goodwill.

But did you know ConnectWise Sell lets you create custom rules to automate pricing calculations as you add new products to your quotes? Pricing rules speed creation and improve accuracy of your quotes even more.

You can apply rules based on specific customers, products, date ranges and any number of other conditions. You can define custom markups for high-demand items, as well as custom discounts or quantity breaks to reward your high-volume customers. And the best part? The rules can interact with existing pricing schedules in ConnectWise Manage, to fully automate and ensure the accuracy of your contract pricing.

#2: Recurring revenue management lets you accurately track and forecast revenue

One way to ensure a more consistent income stream is to encourage recurring revenue contracts over one-time services. In reality, many customers will have both one-time and subscription-type contracts. Properly handling both types in your proposals and projects presents several challenges, not least of which is correctly anticipating how much money you’ll have coming in, month to month.

We’ve now made this a lot easier by enhancing the revenue management capabilities between ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Manage® to work with recurring revenue. You can configure quoting templates to present prices and periods for recurring services to customers, as well as different term options to select from. Then when you win the job, ConnectWise Sell passes all this information directly into ConnectWise Manage. By automating the processes around quoting, delivering and tracking the recurring revenue, everyone wins, from sales to operations to finance. And by keeping track of one-time and recurring revenue separately, you can create far more accurate forecasts.

#3: API keys let you set up flexible permissions for ConnectWise Sell users

Have you ever wanted to limit what some ConnectWise Sell users can do and expand what others can do? Say you want to allow sales reps to create and update opportunities while working in ConnectWise Sell, but not change or delete opportunities in ConnectWise Manage. Or maybe you do want them to update opportunities in ConnectWise Manage, but not to perform other unrelated activities.

Now you can. ConnectWise Sell integrates with ConnectWise Manage using API Keys, letting you set up flexible user permissions with finer granularity than with an integrator login alone. In the latter example, you can create a Sales Representative API Key that allows ConnectWise Sell users to update opportunity data passed from ConnectWise Sell into ConnectWise Manage, but doesn’t allow them to create new parts or change project schedule dates.

#4: ConnectWise Marketplace keeps your quote forms up to date

One way that ConnectWise Sell makes your quoting faster and more accurate is by keeping your forms up-to-date, which keeps your brand and image fresh and top-of-mind for your prospects and customers. And without the latest forms, you could miss out on great features like marking fields as “required,” organizing recurring items by monthly or annual periods, and toggling the display of part numbers on quotes.

By building ConnectWise Marketplace right into ConnectWise Sell, we’ve made downloading the latest quote forms and content simple. The content is available in both PDF and online deliverable formats, and best of all, it’s free to use for all ConnectWise Sell customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Give these ConnectWise Sell essential tips a try and take your quote and proposal process to the next level.