Partner Spotlight: Leaf

| By:
Kaela Vanden Berg

In this Partner Spotlight, we’re shining a light on Leaf, a cloud-first MSP, valued ConnectWise partner, and winner of the 2023 Cybersecurity Partner of the Year WISE Award. Read on to learn more about Leaf and how embracing ConnectWise solutions has enhanced their business operations.

About Leaf

Tell us about your company.

Leaf is a cloud-first managed services provider (MSP) serving clients across the UK and Ireland. We are proud to be celebrating 20 years in business this year and plan to grow our business whilst continuing to provide our clients with the high levels of service they have come to expect from us.

We foster a very friendly atmosphere in the office and hold multiple social events throughout the year for our staff to connect away from the hustle of the service desk. We are very active across the charity sector and host fundraising events such as bake sales and golf days to help raise much-needed funds for local charities. Our people really are our best asset, and we have an eclectic mix of staff who do an excellent job of representing us to our client base.

About the industry

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry?

Cybersecurity has got to be the biggest challenge facing our industry right now. Threat actors from across the globe are constantly coming up with new ways of exploiting users and working hard to break through cyberdefenses. 

Is there one piece of advice you'd like to share with other IT solution providers?

Some advice that we’d share with other IT solution providers would be to embrace cybersecurity in all its forms, as it will help protect not only your clients but your own reputation. A managed SOC is now a key driver to protect your customers, and the size and availability of the SOC can help differentiate you from the competition.

Being a ConnectWise Partner

Why did you choose ConnectWise?

At Leaf IT, we chose to partner with ConnectWise due to its market-leading PSA and, when we signed up, ConnectWise Automate™ for all of our RMM needs. 

What impact has ConnectWise had on your business?

ConnectWise has had a profound impact on how our business operates—from ticket logging to projects and opportunities to invoicing. ConnectWise really covers all the bases and has refined and improved our business processes. 

What is the biggest benefit of your partnership with ConnectWise?

One of the biggest benefits of our partnership is our access to the excellent team of ConnectWise colleagues who can answer queries and guide decisions.

What's something you want people to know about ConnectWise?

For those who don’t currently partner with ConnectWise, we would let them know that you really do become part of a community and you’ll never feel ignored. 

Any product features that were a game changer for you or your team?

Our recent move to RMM has been a game changer in our ability to streamline scripting and alert management, helping save engineering time—which can be applied to other tasks within our business. We have embraced the ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management solutions, which have not only enhanced our portfolio but provided a pipeline that we could not have achieved by ourselves.

And now for some fun!

Tell us a fun fact about you or your company.

When considering fun facts about Leaf, there are quite a few to choose from. Back in 2003, when our founder was pondering what on earth to call his new hobby, he woke up in the middle of the night and announced “Leaf” as the name, which is the English translation of part of his surname.

What's a country or state you'd like to visit?

If I could choose any country or state to visit, I would have to say Alaska. It’s a place that’s always intrigued me with its landscape and weather. 

What is one of your bucket list items?

Bucket lists are always a good topic, and I would have to say that one of mine would be to visit every capital city in the world at least once—preferably on a motorbike.