Battle of the IT Nation Shares

| By:
Pete Sorensen

With ConnectWise’s 2019 Q3 IT Nation Share events just around the corner, now is the perfect time to ramp up excitement in your user group and get ready for all of the hands-on training, collaboration, and networking that you can only get through IT Nation Share. But what better way to get pumped for these future events than with a little friendly competition? That’s right—it’s time for Battle of the IT Nation Shares!

What is Battle of the IT Nation Shares?

The IT Nation has always encouraged you to connect with thought leaders, experts, and your IT peers to help you share your knowledge, grow your network, and learn from each other. This is why we hold so many fantastic user group events to help cultivate innovation and create life-long connections.

That’s where we come in—Battle of the IT Nation Shares is a great opportunity to work together to show your regional pride and compete for exciting prizes for your entire user group! We want you to rally together with your fellow IT Nation Share attendees to show us that you are the best user group across social media. No matter if you’re located in North America, Europe, or Australia, we want you to share your IT Nation pride across all of your social media!

How do I enter?

Just use the hashtag #ITNShare on social media on the day of your IT Nation Share event to enter. Whether it’s an inspiring picture, a funny quote, or if you’re simply expressing excitement for the next IT Nation Share event, we want to see your hashtags! Don’t forget to follow IT Nation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

What are the rules?
  1. You must use the hashtag #ITNShare to enter.
  2. Votes are only counted for your region during the dates of your IT Nation Share user group event. Unsure of your region dates? We’ve got you covered here.
  3. You are allowed multiple entries per person, per region! Every hashtag counts, so show your IT Nation pride and use #ITNShare as often as you’d like!
Are there prizes?

Yes! Members of the winning user group will receive:

  • A special edition dedicated t-shirt that represents your region
  • If you are attending IT Nation Connect, you will ALSO receive:
    • Special access to an exclusive IT Nation Connect meetup
    • A super cool gift box filled with all sorts of awesome goodies!
The IT Nation Share difference

IT Nation Share is all about coming together in a non-competitive environment with people who want to help each other learn, grow, and succeed.

IT Nation Share is a fantastic learning community for ConnectWise partners looking for product training, hands-on labs, and networking opportunities. If you’re seeking education and innovation while interacting with like-minded peers, then you’ve come to the right place! At this quarter’s IT Nation Share events, you can look forward to guest speakers, networking meetups, and ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell training dedicated to your business’s sales and marketing activities.

If you’re ready for unforgettable collaboration, life-long partnerships, and a chance for your entire user group to win awesome prizes, then what are you waiting for? Hop on social media and show us your #ITNShare pride! We can’t wait to see you all at the nearest Q3 IT Nation Share event, but until then, we’ll see you on social media!