Winning new business with cloud security

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When an MSP hears from a prospective client for the first time, the client is looking for help with a problem. Quite often, the problem is that their business has already been hacked and they don’t know how to remediate it.

A savvy MSP will seize the opportunity to be the guide, helping the client solve the immediate issue with a long-term goal of creating a loyal customer. Start by discussing the challenges that their business faces and how they can protect themselves against an increasingly dangerous threat-security landscape.

Showing that you can effectively manage cybersecurity issues and concerns is one of the easiest ways to win new clients. Businesses are looking to their MSPs to protect their data as efficiently as they run their environments.

SMB owners and managers don’t always have the resources or knowledge to keep malicious actors at bay. Transferring cybersecurity duties to an MSP gives them the peace of mind that comes with the same advanced protection as enterprises.

The right tools

MSPs need the right tools to protect clients from advanced threats, gather intelligence on the latest threats, effectively manage and maintain visibility into client environments, and respond to attacks anywhere, anytime, as soon as the threat is detected.

In a recent VIPRE research report, 95% of MSPs reported it is important for them to have the ability to manage and remediate client security infections from anywhere, including on mobile devices.

With this in mind, savvy MSPs can assure clients are protected when an attack occurs, no matter where the MSP’s staff is. A technician can log in to the security platform and immediately begin to minimize negative impact. The ability to respond in seconds is critical as ransomware infections like SamSam, WannaCry, and Cryptolocker completely cripple large organizations. In fact, a recent ransomware attack cleanup has cost a major city government over $9.5 Million.

Clients want to know that MSPs have the technology and expertise to avert disasters. This is possible through cloud-based security platforms with remote monitoring.

As an MSP’s business grows, it would make perfect sense to begin using a remote monitoring & management (RMM) platform like ConnectWise Automate to help manage IT service providers remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers.

Making the case

Here are five points you can make as an MSP to help your clients understand the importance—and the value—of letting you take on their cybersecurity needs:

  • Keeping up with the threat landscape is more than most SMB businesses can handle
  • MSPs know the clients’ environments intimately, which puts IT providers in the best position to guard data
  • Centralized, remote tools allow MSPs to keep an eye on the environment constantly without being on-site
  • Real-time alerts make immediate incident response possible
  • With an MSP in charge, tools and software are kept up to date

In making the case to clients, remind them proactive action is always better than scrambling to find an MSP in the aftermath of a disaster. The best offense in cybersecurity is an exceptional defense. While a potential client may contact an MSP for remediation after an attack, it may be too late to prevent data from being exfiltrated. This ultimately could deal a death blow to the client’s business and eventually cause them to close shop. With ConnectWise & VIPRE at the helm, you can help your clients avoid the risks.

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