Marketo Auction Leak Site

| By:
Stuart Gonzalez

We’re actively monitoring and reporting on any possible new leak sites for compromised individuals and corporations.

The Marketo Leaked Data Marketplace is a new leak site advertising the sale of two company data leaks: American Signal Corporation and Newbridge Securities.

Upon further review, the auction site is currently only selling the leaked data for American Signal Corporation. It’s unclear whether the Newbridge Securities leak has been sold already or if it hasn’t been officially listed for sale.

American Signal Corporation

The American Signal Corporation designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains emergency and non-emergency mass notification systems.

The leak was added to the site on February 17, 2021 and claims to contain “data that were obtained after the attack includ[ing] information on the company’s income and expenditure, contracts, accounting, passwords, taxes and financial transactions. The information leak of company’s confidential data revealed also its credits and claims.”

The leak also includes their client’s data. The starting bid is listed as $1,000,000, but there doesn’t appear to be any bids listed for the leak.


Newbridge Securities

Newbridge Securities is a full-service securities brokerage offering investment banking services to individuals and corporate clients.

The auction site claims the leaks contain “all backups, databases, financial information, contracts, staff, tax tricks and many other information from all of their network.”


We will continue to monitor and provide updates as more information comes to light.