Expanding your service offering with encryption

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As a technology solution provider (TSP), you’re faced with a big job. You’re trying to protect your systems and those of your clients from increasingly persistent security risks. According to Breach Level Index, 554 million data records were lost or stolen in just the first half of last year, and Verizon reports that some sectors saw 45% of their data exposed or stolen. On top of that, clients in medical, legal, and financial sectors are also concerned about compliance requirements that make their data even more important to protect.

With strict regulations around how to handle data, it’s no surprise that encryption adoption is increasing by 20% annually as TSPs like you are racing to stay ahead of security needs. Regulations like HIPAA, HITECH ACT, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, and GDPR are impacting companies at a global level, requiring new standards to protect user data from compromise.

So, what does this mean for you? TSPs can now take advantage of this serious growth opportunity by doing what great TSPs do best – offering up the services that meet their clients’ most immediate business needs. Especially for your clients with compliance concerns, offering encryption services gives them the protection they rely on and provides you with a new potential source of revenue. It’s a win-win.

Although there are two main encryption options—full-disk and file-level—most TSPs rely on full-disk encryption (FDE) to better meet the needs of their SMB clients, and it has the added advantage of being much easier to deploy and manage without negatively impacting compliance.

So what is FDE? It’s a hardware-level, protocol-agnostic encryption option that automatically converts data on a hard drive into fully encrypted data that requires a key to access it. Even if the hard drive is moved to another machine, the data stays inaccessible without the authentication key.

Thankfully, the right FDE solution allows you to:
  • Protect your clients’ sensitive data from accidental loss or theft
  • Help avoid public exposure, heavy fines, or legal consequences from data loss
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR) for “data at rest” protection
  • Protect against unauthorized data access by enforcing pre-boot authentication
  • Avoid compatibility and performance issues with native encryption for Windows & Mac
  • Centrally handle encryption management and endpoint deployment through a cloud-based console
Looking for the right FDE solution for you? ConnectWise vendor partner Bitdefender offers an FDE solution that:
  • Is simple to deploy and manage
  • Provides centralized key management and recovery
  • Offers encryption specific reports that help companies demonstrate compliance
  • Requires pre-boot authentication enforcement
  • Can be managed from Bitdefender’s security console

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