CRN names CEO Arnie Bellini a top executive for the second year in a row

| By:
April Taylor

Earlier this month, our CEO, Arnie Bellini, was named as one of CRN’s Top 25 Innovators and Top 100 Executives of 2018. I place a lot of confidence in Arnie as a leader, so this recognition is well deserved! He never sits idle or waits for things to happen around him – he is the one making things happen. He challenges his team and is constantly looking for new and innovative ways for us to grow as a company.

I’ve worked with Arnie for many years – he actually interviewed me when I first started at ConnectWise in 2006. Since then, we’ve worked together in many capacities, including partner webinars, launching ConnectWise’s first user groups, attending tradeshows, collaborating on IT Nation keynotes – even partner implementations.

Aside from our professional collaborations, Arnie has served as a mentor and cheerleader for me over the years, even encouraging me to finish my MBA. He’s helped me throughout all my roles at ConnectWise, and really challenged me to grow and excel.

The biggest lesson Arnie has taught me about leadership is to take time to be with your team. He engages with as many colleagues as possible to build connections within our company, which helps our colleagues feel connected and valued. He also takes time to listen to new ideas from all teams, which is important to help ensure we’re seeing different perspectives, uncovering new ideas, or developing solutions to problems that previously may have gone undiscovered.

Seeing his leadership in action and the example he sets makes me excited to see what’s in store for ConnectWise in the future. Congratulations on your win, Arnie!