CRN names VP of Peer Groups Arlin Sorensen Channel Chief honoree

| By:
Pete Sorensen

It seems that there are few people in the world who are fueled by their desire to serve others. A true leader is different. Not only do they use their station to influence progress and growth, but they invest deeply in success that is not their own.

I was not surprised when I heard that Arlin Sorensen, my father, friend, and longtime mentor had been selected by CRN as a 2019 Channel Chief honoree. Knowing that the Channel Chief recognition is based on individuals and their professional achievements, and their dedication to the channel community, it is much deserved that he’s been included in this prestigious list. Arlin has been recognized, along with other IT channel leaders, for his role in driving future growth and innovation within the ConnectWise organization and evangelizing the importance of the channel throughout the IT industry.

I grew up watching a hard-working farmer and entrepreneur build relationships in the channel and watching him invest in the people around him. I saw him make a difference in the lives and careers of many. I’ve had the chance to learn from him as we’ve worked side by side over the past six years. Most importantly, I’ve witnessed him as he has intentionally built a legacy, in my family and the channel, that will have a long-lasting impact.

When ConnectWise acquired HTG Peer Groups in 2018, he didn’t choose to ride off into the sunset. He continues to lead and invest his time, talent, and vision into the future of the channel, making certain that small business owners and Solution Partners alike can continue to fuel the growth of our communities and teams. He works to connect people on a daily basis to ensure that future relationships are being developed and incubated. He cares deeply for every person he interacts with, no matter how long he’s known them.

As his work moves forward under The IT Nation brand, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll continue to see him lead strongly, whether in peer groups or community events, helping Solution Partners find success, or investing in individual leaders. He does all of this quietly and without expectation of reward or praise. So, congratulations, Dad, on the well-deserved recognition as a 2019 Channel Chief honoree. And thank you for all that you do!