Welcoming HTG to the ConnectWise family

| By:
Arnie Bellini

I’m so proud to announce a welcome new addition to the ConnectWise family. As we look at new ways to improve success for our partners, we’ve joined forces with HTG, a worldwide consulting, coaching, and peer group organization that provides the tools TSPs need to grow and thrive. HTG has always been focused on cultivating success through personal, leadership, business, and legacy transformation, and that focus brings another level of incredible value to the ConnectWise family.

With a strategic relationship and shared vision going back to 2008, this combining of companies was the logical next step for ConnectWise and HTG, bringing us together to help TSPs meet their full potential. By joining the award-winning business solutions of ConnectWise with HTG’s best-in-class business coaching and extensive peer-to-peer network, we are expanding an extraordinary ecosystem that allows every TSP to succeed.

The demand for technology solution provider services is only going to increase as today’s digital transformation gains momentum across the business landscape. ConnectWise has always been focused on bringing an innovative, community-first approach, which means we’re always looking for new ways to supplement partner success with extensive business and leadership resources. As we welcome HTG to the ConnectWise family, TSPs will be better prepared to navigate the industry with continued success.

Arlin Sorensen, founder and CEO of HTG, has reaffirmed that HTG’s mission to help businesses and their leadership reach new heights remains unchanged. Education, coaching, and community are the keys to supporting the growth TSPs. “I’m excited to be a part of an organization that understands the value of our programs,” Arlin says, “and I’m looking forward to sharing our thought leadership with a wider audience and creating new, transformative programs that help TSPs take control of their futures.”

Arlin will continue his role in leading HTG as the head of the HTG business unit in ConnectWise. As HTG becomes an integrated part of the ConnectWise ecosystem, we’ll be able to benefit partners of both organizations through increased partner training, education, consulting, thought leadership, peer offerings, resources, and investments that will continue to expand the possibilities for partner success.