New organizational structure for ConnectWise international

| By:
Arnie Bellini

International is a key growth area for ConnectWise. In pursuing continued expansion of our international business, we’re announcing some revisions of the executive structure that we believe will raise the visibility of our international community within our headquarters operations.

Effective immediately, our Vice President of International Sales, Greg Lalle, will report directly to Arnie Bellini. Rosanna Inturrisi, our Director of International Operations, will join Greg Lalle’s team as a direct report. Owen Parry, Director of International Initiatives & Operations, will report directly to our Vice President of Business Management and Planning, Ed Amato.

This restructuring of the organization will enable us to effectively support the work of our international colleagues, providing what’s best for our partners and community as we pursue our 2018 strategy, which is focused on a comprehensive Ecosystem of integrated solutions, best practices, and a community dedicated to everyone’s success.