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Certified technicians are quality technicians

The technical solution provider (TSP) market is highly competitive and having an edge over the other guys is vital to your ongoing success. When technicians earn industry-recognized certifications, the entire company demonstrates a commitment to the IT profession. It also shows the desire to provide the very best IT services possible. For the owners and managers of IT-related service businesses, certifications give their clients assurance that the TSP has the skills and knowledge needed to be successful and provide outstanding service. And when pitching new business, a solid team of certified technicians can make the difference in getting the contract or not.

Certifications don’t only benefit the client

Technicians benefit greatly from certifications as well the clients. These certifications often provide a fast track to career advancement, since they validate the skills a technician possesses. Certifications elevate technicians above those who choose not to pursue them. Certified technicians are not just working for a paycheck, they are highly motivated professionals who seek continual improvement.

Certifications expand IT knowledge beyond just the certification test. In the process of studying for a certification exam, technicians are exposed to new ways of looking at topics they thought they had already mastered. Plus, certification classes often cover topics of general IT knowledge, and thus serve as an excellent “refresher course” for prior learning.

Many ways to train

Several options for getting certification training exist. Training options range from earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from a university to online training from an IT training specialist. Perhaps the two most popular methods are onsite or offsite boot camps, and self-paced online training. Boot camps are costly (up to $5,000 or more per student) and result in part of the technician team, or the entire team, being unavailable to work for several days to over a week. However, their structured approach forces technicians to master course content on a tight schedule.

Self-paced online training offers the most cost-effective, least disruptive training. They often offer a wide variety of courses at a fraction of the boot camp cost. Be careful when evaluating online options, and make sure that the course content is current. Also, it’s important to look for a “manager” function that allows for the assignment of courses and the ability to track the learning progress of each technician. Live mentoring is also a critical feature to keep an eye out for. Technology Certifications Training offers access to over 2,500 courses with all of these key features, and more!

Stand above your competition

Identify the kinds of certifications that will benefit your clients and your career the most. Then, without delay, begin or enhance a program to earn valuable certifications. You, your clients, and your team will be forever thankful.

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