9 ways StreamlineIT improves client relationships part 1

| By: Craig Fulton

At first, you might think it’s counterintuitive to help a client’s internal IT team become more productive. Perhaps if their IT worked better, they would not need you. But actually just the opposite is true. Stop competing with your client’s IT team and turn them into your strongest ally.

StreamlineIT™, powered by ConnectWise Manage®, is a full version of ConnectWise Manage installed within your clients internal IT departments. This empowers your client’s internal IT people to work more efficiently, using timesheets, projects, dispatch portal, configurations, reports, and service boards.

Bringing greater transparency and accountability to your client’s internal IT function will enhance your firm’s value as a trusted advisor and IT partner. Here are nine ways that StreamlineIT can enable your firm to become a well-utilized extension of your client’s IT department, rather than a competitor.

1. StreamlineIT provides your client’s internal IT team with superior tools

Your prospective client probably has an internal IT person or team that is capable and working hard. But internal IT folks almost always have lower utilization rates than IT services firm employees. That’s because most companies lack the tools to achieve better IT efficiency. StreamlineIT provides your clients with an affordable way to employ a high capability, closed-loop tracking technology inside their IT department.

Empower your clients

2. It provides better visibility and can lower your client’s IT costs

It’s not unusual for client’s to object to the cost of external IT services, yet to not truly understand the costs associated with their internal IT. StreamlineIT provides clients with a complete audit trail of internal IT work performed, including accurate costs.

3. StreamlineIT lets your client stay in control over their own IT

By leaving resource decisions (your services or internal staff) for each ticket up to your client, you will earn their trust naturally and incrementally. Over time, your business will become an extension of your client’s internal IT staff.

4. Together, you and your client can find the right combination of services and pricing

Do a little for the client or a lot. You can offer your client StreamlineIT at a very affordable price, and then negotiate for any other services they need. It may be easier to start with a time and materials billing arrangement and suggest managed services once the client is using your services regularly.

5. It helps clients improve the productivity of their internal IT department and end users

Stop employees from interrupting the IT personnel by providing them with a formalized ticketing system for submitted requests and issues. When internal IT people need extra help, the StreamlineIT service board enables the IT staff to instantly assign tickets to your firm. By helping clients avoid the cost of down time and providing overflow support coverage, you’ll help increase end user productivity.