5 things to consider when selecting your training program

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With the IT industry’s lightning-fast change of pace, it’s crucial that your techs constantly acquire new skills and knowledge. All successful TSPs understand that their techs must be prepared to be lifelong learners, and there are numerous ways to administer training.

Generally, you can either send your techs to an offsite multi-day boot camp, bring training in-house to your offices, or offer online training. There are advantage and disadvantages to all these options and we’ve outlined them below:

Training Type



Offsite boot camp

  • Training completion is concentrated and immediate
  • Very expensive
  • Travel and per diem may be necessary
  • Techs are out of office

Training in-house

  • Multiple techs can train at the same time
  • No travel; per diem for techs
  • Less expensive than boot camp
  • Multiple techs out of pocket for duration of the training period
  • May require travel, per diem for trainer

Online training

  • Flexible schedule; techs can train whenever they have a break or are booked off
  • Least expensive option
  • Can reduce anxiety and stress by including some flexibility in the coursework deadlines
  • Subscription models offer “all-you-can-eat” in which knowledge-hungry techs can take unlimited training for multiple subjects during the subscription period
  • ConnectWise partners and prospects qualify for a 50% discount through Technology Certifications
  • Training can take longer to complete

Here are five considerations to keep in mind when selecting a training program:

Impact to your daily operations

If you allow techs to train during their workday, consider the amount of time they’ll be unavailable to work. Depending on the number of techs you have and their work schedules, this could take one or several valuable resources out of production for extended periods of time.

Cost benefit

Consider the total cost of the training, which includes the training itself, amount of down-time for the student, cost of the certification test (if applicable), and value the new knowledge will bring to your operation. Depending on the training and the number of people involved, this could be a short-term expense with long-term benefits.

Quality of training

See what other TSPs say about the various training providers. Most of them are very good but keep in mind, we all have different learning styles and might need to adapt to their style of training. The best training options allow for a lot of practice, as well as ongoing support. All should include video and/or audio clips from a variety of experts addressing relevant issues.

Relevance & retention

Courses should be relevant to the tech’s current, or new, responsibilities. Research proves that students retain knowledge much better if they can immediately put it into practice.

Ability to manage

You need to be able to track what courses everyone has, or is currently, taking; as well as successful completions of the coursework. This is where certification testing is so valuable. Certifications provide a standardized proof of knowledge in specific domains.

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Trinka Tansley, Creative Director, Technology Certifications, is a former ConnectWise special projects manager. Prior to joining Technology Certifications, she worked with Arnie Bellini to develop this online training program to be introduced at IT Nation in 2011.