3 surprising keys to success for technology solution providers (TSPs)

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A successful TSP knows that in this booming economy, they must bring their “A-Game” to the table in order to grow and succeed. Similar to sports, true professionals know that it’s the dedication to excellence and the refinement of the little things that can deliver a huge advantage. Let’s take a quick look at the three areas of your TSP operational game plan that can benefit greatly from one simple, and many times overlooked, solution–IT certifications and IT skills training for your team.

New business development

Having certified engineers can have a great impact on your ability to attract and close new business. To your prospects, IT certifications are strong indicators that you are committed to delivering the most up-to-date, highest quality service and expertise.

  • Posting your engineers’ certifications on your website demonstrates to clients that the best trained techs will be working their account.
  • Highlighting these certifications in your capabilities presentations highlights your drive to deliver the best service solutions available. Validation of your expertise from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, and others can be an advantage your competition may not be communicating.
Operational efficiency

Your company simply runs better when your techs are well trained and certified. Trained engineers are your key to operational efficiency and customer retention. In addition, certifications also lead you down the path of increased profits too.

  • Scheduling and delivering client service is what your TSP business is all about. Engineers with less training make mistakes, take longer to solve issues, and often spend hours on research and consultation. However, engineers with IT certifications and skilled training hit the ground running. They address and solve issues more quickly and easily move on to other assignments.
  • Trained engineers deliver exactly what your clients want–fast, accurate resolution of their issues; which leads to higher customer retention. Again, customer retention is a vital contributor to your profitability.
Employee retention

Keeping your top engineers is the third key to TSP prosperity. As the economy heats up and IT jobs become more abundant, you need a plan to retain your best engineers. Retention and job satisfaction are not just about salary and bonuses. True IT professionals are eager to learn and will respect and remain loyal to the organization that helps keep them on top of their IT skills and certifications.

  • Consult with your engineers and develop a long-term plan for enhancing their skills and certifications. Address their needs for growth and your company’s need for specific expertise, and make IT training a central component in your relationship with your engineers.
  • Find a resource that also delivers skill training for the IT business professional, because it shouldn’t stop at IT certifications alone. This includes team building, time management, customer service skills, project management, and leadership training.

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