Mergers & Acquisitions Essentials for Buyers & Sellers

December 19, 2019

What You Should Know NOW about Your Merger & Acquisition Potential

Merger & acquisition valuation of managed service providers is at an all-time high, and it's a seller's market. And for every MSP who sells, there's a buyer. But where can MSPs find the expertise they need to successfully navigate this competitive landscape?

Join ConnectWise Senior Adviser Arnie Bellini and Service Leadership CEO Paul Dippell as they share their expertise and experience on topics including:

  • What the M&A market is seeking in potential candidates
  • How potential sellers and buyers can best qualify each other
  • Potential sellers: how to make your company attractive for M&A
  • Potential buyers: how to make your M&A proposition attractive to sellers
  • Knowing whether you should sell now, buy now, or wait
  • Arriving at a good deal
  • Preparing now to exist with optimum equity in the future

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