COVID-19 Rapid Recovery Webinar Series: Customer Retention Strategies

July 17, 2020
Retaining and Risk-Managing Your Existing Customers

Customer retention, while always important, is a key strategy to mitigate potential revenue loss amid COVID-19 business challenges. In fact, retaining just 5% more of your customers can impact profitability by 25-95%. Even beyond the financial benefits for your business, customer retention can be a win/win situation for your customers as well. Now more than ever, your customers are looking to you to be their trusted advisor.

Join Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, Inc. for advice on how to improve customer retention during this challenging time to pave the way to recovery.

About Paul Dippell, CEO of Service Leadership, Inc.

Paul was a successful leader at three services-led, mid-enterprise solution providers: one growing to $130 million, another to $2 billion, and the third a $400 million turn-around, all three of which had successful exits. Paul founded Service Leadership, Inc. to help other solution provider owners and executives attain similar success. Paul is a noted speaker at partner conferences worldwide, and consults with regional, national, and multi-national, services-led, mid-enterprise solution providers to improve their strategy and performance.

Service Leadership is publisher of the Service Leadership Index®, the Solution provider industry’s largest scale and longest-running, financial and operational benchmark, and of SLIQ™, the exclusive app for improving a Solution Provider’s Operational Maturity Level™.

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