A single RMM to manage your entire IT infrastructure

Minimize employee downtime with ConnectWise Automate

Simplify IT management once and for all

ConnectWise Automate® is the RMM that lets your IT department move at the speed of business. With powerful automation and unmatched monitoring, ConnectWise Automate delivers everything your IT department needs to go from reactive to proactice IT support.

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Jump start your automation efforts with nearly 400 out-of-the-box scripts for maintenance, software distribution, system automation, and more.

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Systems monitoring

The first step for IT departments seeking better reactive and proactive response times is monitoring. ConnectWise Automate can help with built-in system monitoring of agent and agentless devices.

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Beyond monitoring, the next step toward improved reactive and proactive response times is alerting. ConnectWise Automate helps you get started quickly with preconfigured service plans and alert actions, such as create ticket, raise alert, run script, and send email.

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Patch management

Out-of-the-box, ConnectWise Automate helps you immediately patch and secure your environment with easy-to-use policies for Microsoft®, third-party software, and reboot scheduling—along with options for one-off or emergency situations.

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Remote control

Support end users, regardless of where they are, with ConnectWise ScreenConnect™. Included with ConnectWise Automate, ScreenConnect provides fast, secure, and reliable remote control access and support to help end users from anywhere.

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Systems management

Your techs need to work on and effectively manage multiple machines at the same time without ever interrupting the end user. ConnectWise Automate provides methods for systems management of agent and agentless devices.

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ConnectWise Automate uses a single method for asset discovery—the network probe. With it, ConnectWise Automate provides asset discovery and inventory for both agent and agentless devices while creating a visual map of your network.

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ConnectWise Automate integrates with 200+ third-party solutions, giving you the power to choose the specific tools that meet your unique support needs. We integrate with the best-in-class help desk and ticketing automation tool, ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage), or other help desk and ticketing tools of your choice.

“ConnectWise Automate reduces a lot of our time on the phone so we can focus on other projects. I don’t spend so much time troubleshooting because I can see what’s going on. We’ve shown our company’s owners ConnectWise Automate and its reports, and they love it.”

Lawrence Prettyman, Branch Support, Bickford Senior Living