The VAR's Guide to Growing and Protecting Profit Margins

Protecting your margins is one of the most important business practices. Once you start making money, your profit margins must be protected, but are you clear on how to do that?

Product-centric organizations have built-in processes that protect margins, but when VARs switch to a service-centered approach, many struggle to align their processes—which ends up hurting their margins. In this 10-page eBook, ConnectWise shows you how to determine your levers, evaluate your KPIs, and protect and grow your margins. 

  • Chapter 1: Understand Your Levers: Find out how to take a more strategic approach to managing your margins
  • Chapter 2: Keep an Eye on Your KPIs: Learn how to keep track of the metrics that matter
  • Chapter 3: Lock Down Your Margins: Explore ways to keep up productivity after your team hits margin goals 



Protect profit margins and grow your business