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The Anatomy of A Proposal

Great proposals are key to making consistent sales. When you clearly communicate the value of your products and services—and how they solve your prospect’s problems—you make it easy for them to say yes. Not only that, but a well-crafted proposal reinforces your reputation for being a top-tier provider of choice.

So, the question is… can you tell the difference between a good proposal and a bad one? If not, fear not. In this eBook, ConnectWise examines the inner workings of a successful proposal—and shows you how to put the pieces together to win the business every time. Inside, you’ll learn: 

  • The fundamental aspects of a successful sales proposal
  • How automated quoting tools and templates can help speed up your proposal creating process
  • The ways that automated tools can handle some of the hard work for you 
  • Valuable tips for personalizing and humanizing your proposals to give them life
  • How having automated tools can help bring all of these steps to fruition 

Create clean, clear sales proposals that win business