Scripting Best Practices: The Secret to Scalability and Growth

Creating less hands-on work for your technicians gives them more time to focus on customer service. But effectively automating both menial and business-critical operations requires an airtight script—which takes time and skill to build. 

The right scripting service offers technology solution providers (TSPs) a proactive and precise way to address tickets and fix critical weaknesses at the source—saving you both time and money. In this eBook, you’ll find some of the best scripting practices being used by IT service leaders today, so you can unlock the doors to your company’s growth. 

  • Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Learn why scripting is critical to business success
  • Stay in the Loop: Discover how to continually improve your scripting process by creating accountability and feedback loops
  • Take the Easy Way Out: Find out why it's not only okay to re-use existing scripting content, but advisable 
  • Put it On the Record: Learn why keeping an accurate and thorough record of all ticket items is non-negotiable
  • Define Final Outputs and Account for Error: Reduce errors in your script and mitigate risks by asking yourself a few simple questions

Optimize your scripts and give your business room to grow