A VAR’s Guide to Efficient Quoting

A VAR’s Guide to Efficient Quoting: Why You Should Make the Switch from Spreadsheets to CPQ

Connectwise Sell® is a configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution that empowers your sales team with key features and workflows designed to allow your VAR business to operate with top-notch efficiency.

In this eBook, we’ll give you a look at the top five ways spreadsheet quoting can hurt your business, and walk you through the benefits of ConnectWise Sell as your CPQ solution, including:

  • Quick and simplified quoting for even the most complex project
  • Cloud access to current product data anytime, from anywhere
  • Integration with Etilize™ for real-time pricing and availability
  • Seamless import of complicated spreadsheets, including Cisco® CCW BOMs
  • Integrations with leading CRM applications
  • Microsoft Power BI™ to optimize data and use metrics to build your business

Stop struggling with spreadsheet quoting