A VAR's Guide to Recurring Revenue

Relying on large deals to sustain your business is risky and ineffective—you never know when the next deal is going to come along. By adding recurring revenue to your business model, you’ll reduce these risks and have a consistent flow of money to keep you and your business afloat. 

If you’re used to a big, upfront sales model, it can be intimidating figuring out how to best add recurring revenue to the mix. That’s why ConnectWise created this guide with chapters that discuss the concerns and benefits of utilizing recurring revenue—and how you can introduce it to your business.

  • The Benefits of Recurring Revenue: Find out how bringing in regular revenue can better sustain your business 
  • Concerns (and Solutions) for Business Owners: Explore the various concerns and solutions surrounding transitioning from one-off project revenue to recurring revenue 
  • Getting Started with Recurring Revenue: Learn about where to start during the transition process into recurring revenue 
  • SaaS Tips and Considerations: Learn how SaaS can help you during this transition and into the future with recurring revenue 

See how to transition to a recurring revenue business model