Feature Sheet
10 ConnectWise Sell Features You Didn't Know About

10 ConnectWise Sell Features You Didn't Know About

Why spend time manually building quotes and proposals when you could automate the process with ease? ConnectWise Sell®, our leading-edge quote and proposal tool, helps you do just that. In addition to automating the pricing and sales process, it consolidates the management of your sales team—increasing efficiency and accelerating revenue growth.

To help you determine if ConnectWise Sell is right for your team, check out these 10 key features of the solution, from integrations to management tools:

  • Cisco CCW Quote Import
  • Ingram Micro Quote Import
  • ConnectBooster Integration
  • Import Notes Into Your Doc
  • Output Grid Layout Editor
  • Ship Set
  • Procurement Automation
  • Auto-Download Quote Requests
  • Price Rounding
  • Import Items as a Special Order

Boost revenue and efficiency with ConnectWise Sell