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For This Managed Service Provider, Simple Integration Made All the Difference

Symmetric IT Group

Symmetric IT Group provides managed services to more than 80 clients in the Tampa Bay area.

Symmetric lacked the tools to boost productivity and visibility without tightly integrated systems.
After parting ways with its previous PSA partner, Symmetric strengthened PSA integration by choosing ConnectWise Automate™ as its new remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. Since then, Symmetric has implemented several other ConnectWise solutions, such as BrightGauge™ and ConnectWise CPQ™.
Visibility and productivity have skyrocketed, both internally and externally. By freeing up valuable resources and streamlining crucial processes, Symmetric has transformed the client experience and identified new improvement areas.

“ConnectWise saved us about ten steps in getting tickets into our PSA system.”

— George Lakiotis, CEO at Symmetric IT Group

“With ConnectWise CPQ, putting together proposals is easy. With CPQ’s templates for our managed services agreements, we’re saving time and creating professional quotes and proposals.”

— Jevon Curry, VP of Sales

Founded in 2008, Symmetric IT Group spent its early years grappling with disjointed, inefficient systems. Non-standardized documentation slowed down proposal and ticketing workflows, while manual reporting and service resolution complicated the customer experience. Without tight integration, one problem led to another—a chain reaction eventually came to a head.

In search of greater productivity and visibility, the company turned to ConnectWise—a partnership that now encompasses these ConnectWise solutions: PSA, CPQ, BrightGauge, and Automate. The immediate benefits—seamless connectivity and automation—soon spawned a revolution in efficiency, performance insights, and customer satisfaction. Today, Symmetric services more than 80 clients in the Tampa Bay area.

Automation delivers value from the get-go

Initially, Symmetric relied on manual customer service and reporting workflows. Many problems—inefficiency, needless complexity, and human error—were exacerbated by disjointed technology.

ConnectWise delivered a game-changing solution: automation. Since implementing ConnectWise tools, Symmetric has seen transformative effects. Faster issue resolution has resulted in happier customers, while better accuracy has bolstered organization-wide confidence and security. Central to these benefits is seamless connectivity—all ConnectWise solutions are tightly integrated, enabling Symmetric to make the most of automation.

Automated reporting has proven immensely valuable as well. Symmetric can send clients accurate and detailed reports at the touch of a button. “The monthly reporting is a huge win,” says an internal stakeholder. “It’s a huge value-add for Symmetric’s clients.” 

Standardization simplifies internal workflows

When it came to service documents, Symmetric struggled to overcome the workflow hurdles of disjointed systems. Unique templates and formats sometimes conflicted or overlapped, and each one involved its own learning curve, not to mention repetitive and time-consuming manual labor.

With ConnectWise PSA and CPQ, Symmetric reimagined these processes from the ground up. Symmetric standardized tickets, quotes, proposals, and other common service documents throughout interconnected systems. In turn, the company freed up internal resources and streamlined workflows.

“Before CPQ, our proposals weren’t as professional,” shares Jevon Curry, VP of sales at Symmetric. “With ConnectWise CPQ, putting together proposals is easy. With CPQ’s templates for our managed services agreements, we’re saving time and creating professional quotes and proposals.”

That newfound efficiency extends across the service spectrum. “ConnectWise saved us about ten steps in getting tickets into our PSA system,” says George Lakiotis, CEO at Symmetric.

Connecting systems and people

In a sea of countless efficiency and visibility advantages, one particular perk took Symmetric by surprise: community.

Curry describes IT Nation Evolve, the ConnectWise peer connection platform, as “inclusive” and “welcoming.” A hotbed of knowledge and general discussion, IT Nation Evolve™ aims to elevate product success.

“The ConnectWise community has been great for making connections and holding each other accountable,” says Curry. “The group is amazing for providing truly helpful feedback.”

The benefits don’t end there. Beyond offering product expertise, peers on the forum help one another with crucial decision-making. Symmetric, for example, turned to fellow MSPs for advice on a critical sales hire, which helped the company find the perfect fit.

New victories on the horizon

Symmetric feels fully equipped to navigate new and long-standing challenges in today’s rapidly digitizing landscape. Through ConnectWise, the team has opened the door to unprecedented efficiency, visibility, and client satisfaction—as well as genuine confidence, inside and out.