ConnectWise Business Management

Pro Package

Streamline your business with solutions that meet all your needs

The ConnectWise Business Management Pro Package covers all the basics plus a little more when you’re ready to optimize operational practices, easily discover key business insights, and generate actionable reports for your teams and customers. Set yourself up for success with an industry-leading PSA, next-gen IT documentation, actionable business insights, and real-time customer feedback.


What you get with Pro


Manage and unify core facets of your business from CRM, Project Management, Service Delivery, Sales management and Contract Management in one solution for streamlined operational efficiency and visibility.

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BrightGauge Enterprise

With BrightGauge Enterprise, you can connect up to three datasources to BrightGauge and use them to build the reports and dashboards your team needs to make data-driven decisions.

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Share IT documentation storage, password management, and customer feedback with clients and colleagues with our all-in-one solution.

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Easily collect instant customer feedback from completed service requests to understand customer satisfaction levels, and continuously drive positive customer experiences.

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WisePay for PSA

Streamline cashflow with WisePay for PSA. Send out Payment Links and Automate Recurring Billing, making it even easier for your customers to pay.

*Available in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia

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Virtual Consulting

Optimize your operations and processes in conjunction with your ConnectWise tech stack through continuous engagement with our internal experts.

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Get the benefits of the ConnectWise Business Management Pro Package

Manage business operations in one place

Streamline and unify core facets of your business with our industry-leading PSA. Use a single tool to manage quotes and proposals, project management, service delivery, and contracts.

View all data in one place

Aggregate data across your techstack with BrightGauge™, a ConnectWise solution. See all your data in a single view with dashboards and reports that help you make data-driven decisions.

Leverage ConnectWise experts

Access continuous engagement with our internal experts, who can help you optimize operations and processes with your ConnectWise tech stack to push business efficiencies even further.

Get real time customer feedback

Receive instant customer feedback and visibility into customer satisfaction with SmileBack™, a ConnectWise solution. It’s simple and fast for customers to share their experience.

“Drives accountability from a time standpoint and makes sure customer requests are addressed efficiently. Thanks to ConnectWise PSA™, we saw a significant improvement in productivity for the entire tech team."

Dan King, President, K2 Technologies