Technology Service Providers Can Expect Up to 194 Percent ROI When Adopting the ConnectWise Business Management Platform

Independent economic Impact study quantifies how automation increases efficiency, decreases cost of service

TAMPA, Fla. - Oct. 5, 2018 – ConnectWise, a software company that connects technology teams to the solutions, services and resources necessary for success, announced today that it commissioned Forrester Consulting, an internationally recognized, independent research firm, to analyze the total economic impact (TEI) of the ConnectWise platform.

When it comes to technology, people want to know quickly if the investment is worth the cost and time to implement. The study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of The ConnectWise Platform, which quantified the benefits of using the ConnectWise platform, allows partners to see their potential return on investment.

A composite organization based on interviewed customers saw a three-year 194 percent return on investment with payback within three months of implementing the ConnectWise platform. There is an expected result of $2.4 million in net present value savings over three years, thanks to the automation increasing efficiency and decreasing the cost of service. The case study quantifies the dramatic impact adopting the ConnectWise platform can provide, with the overall savings outweighing the total economic costs the investment delivers.

“ConnectWise prioritizes its customers’ needs and commissioned the study to help organizations and our partners better understand the benefits to our differentiated approach,” said Craig Fulton, Chief Product Officer for ConnectWise. “We wanted an external group, which we trusted, to provide insight on the financial benefits that our partners can expect to see when they adopt the ConnectWise platform. Forrester has developed a methodology that helps us demonstrate the tangible value of IT software initiatives to both senior management and key stakeholders.”

  • 20 percent reduction of service tickets by using (or employing or enacting) script automation
  • 1,920 hours saved in the first year in technicians’ routine by automating progress reports
  • Reduced cost of routine hardware management due to shortening time spent per device by 60 percent
  • Improved billing efficiency and increased productivity of finance teams
  • 10 percent increase in sales productivity
  • Increased HR productivity by up to 60 percent
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improved customer experience

The purpose of the study is to provide prospective partners with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact that engaging with ConnectWise can have on their organization. Forrester interviewed current ConnectWise partners, and reviewed fundamental factors such as annual cost, implementation cost, cost to train employees, ongoing management cost and risks associated with this investment. Forrester’s study includes details about its findings, plus a variety of anecdotes from ConnectWise partners that gives readers a deeper look at the value they receive from leveraging the ConnectWise platform. To understand the findings from Forrester in greater detail and to download a copy of the Total Economic Impact study, please visit The Total Economic Impact™ of the ConnectWise Platform.