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Cybersecurity: Providing High Value Support During Uncertain Times  

We are in the middle of a seismic shift in how people work. More people are working remotely, cybercriminals are actively searching for new vulnerabilities, and your clients are looking to you as their technology solution provider to keep them secure. And while your clients expect a certain level of security, the tools you’ve used in the past may not provide everything they need. 

Every SMB will be re-examining their contracts to ensure they’re receiving the most value for their money.  Even prior to COVID-19, 93% of SMBs said they would switch TSPs for one with the right security offering. So, it has never been more critical to shore up your security solution to make sure you’re offering high value, advanced security that you can be confident will help you optimize, maximize, and ensure long-term secure success for your clients—and your business. To provide proper cybersecurity for a remote workforce, you’ll need to ensure your security offerings take into account the following: 


Educate your clients and their employees, as well as your own, so they understand how they need to change their habits to stay secure, while also making sure your skills are up to date.   

Employee Cybersecurity: Education is Key eBook >> 

Staying Secure in a Remote Workplace Webinar >> 

Secure Remote Workplace Webinar Deck >> 

Security Awareness Training Kit >> 

Certify Training for TSP Engineers, Owners and Salespeople>>  


Examine the security tools and services you offer and ensure it’s an advanced stack, including endpoint detection and response, dark web monitoring, password policies, multi-factor authentication, and mobile device security. And when it’s backed by a 24x7 SOC, you can execute quickly because you have an expert team behind you.  

Continuum Fortify COVID Promotion>> 

Explore the ConnectWise Ecosystem >>

Employee Cybersecurity Education Is Key

Train your end users on the latest cybersecurity best practices and arm them with the knowledge to combat whatever threats come their way.

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“Cybersecurity threats have increased at a time when people don’t have time to pay attention. Continuum Fortify gives us an additional layer of protection and awareness of what’s going on in our client’s network.”

Peter Melby, CEO, Greystone Technology

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