The MSP COVID-19 Playbook: Securing an Unsecure World

Remote workforces are a lifesaver for small businesses, but they come with an enormous challenge: security. With employees leaving the comfort of their company’s secure environments, cybercriminals are going to get aggressive. To combat the threat, cybersecurity education and training for remote workers will be vital to keep your clients, their employees, and their data safe during uncertain times.

In The MSP COVID-19 Playbook: Securing an Unsecure World, we’ve put together steps for you to educate end users in cybersecurity awareness to be your best defense against the growing number of cyberattacks, including:

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Educating end users on best practices and expectations

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Providing a checklist for clients and their employees to reference

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Getting your own cybersecurity skills up to date

Keep you and your clients operating with a well-run remote workforce