Partner-driven innovation with ConnectWise 2015.3

| By:
Linda Brotherton

At ConnectWise, we really encourage our partners to play an active role in our product enhancement (and development) process. ConnectWise Manage® 2015.3 builds on a strong history of innovation.

Through our Partner Innovation Network (PIN), IT Nation product labs, and a number of other forums in which partners are encouraged to provide product feedback, we’ve captured a number of game-changing requests we’re taking action on.

As we all know, innovation doesn’t happen overnight (or in a vacuum). While our roadmap is robust and growing by the day, we really want to take the time to deliver quality features you’ll be happy with. As such, we focus on a few big enhancements at a time. And this release is well worth the wait.

Set to be released by the end of March, we’re thrilled to announce that ConnectWise 2015.3 empowers users to:

1. Access ‘Projects’ from the browser

If you’re using the browser version of the new ConnectWise Manage user interface, you can complete updates and mass actions from the work plan, estimate project revenue and cost, add custom fields, import templates and projects, and add an entire team to a project.

2. Gain actionable reporting

You can analyze the rate of resolved to opened tickets with the new Service Resolution Dashboard. This rate helps to determine current backlog, future backlog, and open vs. resolved ticket trends.

3. Make service surveys even better

ConnectWise 2015.3 gives you more survey options than ever before. You can make questions required, allow for a free-form text response, and include up to 10 choices for a response.

4. View ‘My Calendar’ and ‘Dispatch Portal’ in the new user interface

All that you enjoy in the client is now available in the browser. Plus, you’ll also gain new context menus, contact information flyouts, color schemes, and more.

5. Mobile barcode scanning

Techs now have the ability to search and update configurations based on scanned serial numbers rather than manually typing in a long number (and possibly entering it incorrectly). It’s fast and easy.

This just scratches the surface of all the great new features you’ll find in ConnectWise 2015.3.