Say ‘hello’ to ConnectWise Manage 2018.2!

| By:
April Taylor

We’ve hit the ground running in 2018 to continue to bring you the business-enhancing features that not only make your work life that much easier, but help keep your profits flowing, which is why we’re excited to announce the release of ConnectWise Manage® 2018.2! The following additions and changes will keep your new year heading in the right direction, so let’s dig in and see what you can expect from the latest update!

Below are the four biggest changes you’ll find in the latest update:

Agreement recap pod – a new pod is available on the main ticket screen to show the available balance on the selected agreement. This empowers users to see how much available amount remains on the agreement, which will help the user determine whether to continue working on the ticket.

Serial number search – we created this function to make it easier to locate items using product serial numbers, which can really cut down on the time it takes locating items. The search screen is available in the procurement module and allows you to search by serial number, product ID, PO number, or other search criteria.

Customer portal chat - we’ve added a new button in the customer portal that allows clients to open up a chat box and speak with your techs regarding their ticket issues right from the ticket. This feature not only helps your relationship with your clients, but it can help facilitate faster ticket closures also.

Zoom in – new keyboard shortcuts allow you to zoom in and out with ease, making it easier to see exactly what you want to see without hassle or extra time.

Other general enhancements you’ll find in ConnectWise Manage 2018.2 is the renaming of the Documents tab to Attachments to help better reflect the wide variety of records you can upload and new customizations for list view to ensure faster performance, just to name a few. To get a full overview of what the new release brings, head on over to the release notes where you can find a more detailed overview of what improvements you will find. Keep the year going strong with ConnectWise Manage!