4 ways ConnectWise Control enables your remote workforce

| By:
Dee Cater

Over the last several months, partners have shared some interesting and unexpected challenges that have come from working remotely. Have you ever had your cat walk over your work station during a remote session? How about your child using your keyboard as a toy? These things are bound to affect your work!

While these might be a few of the more unusual issues that technology solution providers (TSPs) have experienced in the rapid transition to a remote workforce, thankfully ConnectWise Control® has the ability to help prevent remote workforce problems and make working remotely run seamlessly. Here are four ways ConnectWise Control helps enable your remote workforce.

1. Remote workforce extension

Today, working from home is the new normal. In fact, many of us have stopped going into the office all together. Luckily, ConnectWise Control creates an easy avenue to a more efficient and secure remote workforce.

With the remote workforce extension, you can easily assign a single ConnectWise Control user to a single machine so they can connect to that specific machine or device. Even if you’re using another device (working from a tablet but need to remote into your work station), you can see that specific machine. By only letting people see the machines that they have access to, you’re not only increasing security, but streamlining efficiency. There’s also a two-factor authentication process for both parties to help prevent against scams.

Special features:

File transfer

Transfer files and folders to your participants through copy/paste or drag and drop functionality, making it simple to share information and documents.

Define roles and permissions

Role-based security allows ConnectWise Control administrators to group users into roles for security purposes. Each role can be defined with specific granular permissions to allow access to different functionality within the software.


Instantly connect from your browser on your desktop, laptop, Android, iOS, or Windows® device, from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Print remotely

Remote Printing Hosts can print to their local printers within a remote session.

2. ConnectWise View

ConnectWise View™ is a premium extension in ConnectWise Control that connects technicians (coordinators) and their end users (cameraperson) in real time. How? Through a browser-enabled, live streamed session.

This feature lets you use the camera on an end user’s mobile device to get into a space virtually and see what the problems are in the physical environment. This is extremely beneficial in a remote work situation because the technician can see exactly what the end user is doing and walk them through problems in real time that would typically require on-site issue resolution.

Special features:

Browser-enabled connections

These connections are as quick and easy as sending a text, without the need for the end user to install any programs or a mobile app.

Issue resolution

See what the client sees and remotely walk them through issues effectively by using the camera on their mobile device.

Security that builds trust

The ability to support clients remotely without the need to share your technicians’ personal mobile number.

Record keeping

You are able to keep records of your live stream sessions with snapshots. You can download these for reference later.

Employee training resources

Easily provide effective training for junior field techs to allow senior engineers more time to focus on complex projects, thus upping overall productivity and efficiency.

3. Remote meeting capabilities and features

ConnectWise Control remote meeting software is a product built on years of innovation and growth in remote support development. This software not only streamlines the process of engaging multiple people in meetings and webinars, but allows participants viewing a shared screen to record video, take screenshots, and chat with one another. In addition, it can support an unlimited number of virtual attendees.

Special features:

Customization and branding

Remote meetings with ConnectWise Control allow you to work in your own language as well as brand with your logo and icons.

File transfer

Transfer files and folders to your participants through copy/paste or drag and drop functionality, making it simple to share information and documents.

Secure information

Role-based security with manage-session functionality allows you to group sessions and restrict access to certain roles.

Extension browser

You can add even more functionality to ConnectWise Control through integrations with major third-party vendors.

Cross-platform compatibility

ConnectWise Control lets you host meetings from Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android, and is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more.

Shared toolbox

The tools your team members need are all easily accessible from one location, no matter where they are, including ready to upload executable and script files.

4. Leverage best practices

By enabling certain settings in ConnectWise Control, you can create a safer and more effective environment for virtual problem solving. Here are some features to enable.

Lock guest machine

This feature locks the guest machine when the host disconnects. When done with remote session, the machine is able to lock, ensuring you’re not leaving your machine unlocked and at risk.

Blocking guest input

This feature removes the guest's keyboard and mouse control. When remoting into another machine, blocking guest input can remove external issues—yes, even cats walking on the keyboard or children playing!

There is no time like the present to really up your work from home productivity. When you implement ConnectWise Control, you’re not just providing the ability for remote control, but creating opportunity for more streamlined, effective, and secure support for you and your clients.