Introducing ConnectWise View™: live stream sessions in ConnectWise ScreenConnect

| By:
Dee Cater

We’re excited to unveil the newest game-changing functionality in ConnectWise ScreenConnect®: meet ConnectWise View™.

ConnectWise View enables ScreenConnect premium partners to launch live stream sessions directly from the host page. This means you can now help your end users with onsite issues, like hardware malfunctions, without having to send a technician on site.

In this article, we’ll dive into the functionality and benefits of this new feature, and explain all the ways it empowers your tech support team to deliver world-class service.

How it works

Integrated with ScreenConnect

ConnectWise View is a premium extension in ScreenConnect. That means, when you purchase a premium license of ScreenConnect, you’ll receive ConnectWise View with your purchase. You can launch a ConnectWise View session from the ScreenConnect host page and capture data during your session with snapshots. You can download the snapshots later for future reference.

SMS, email, URL invites

With ConnectWise View, it’s not necessary for the technician to share their personal phone numbers with the end user to start a ConnectWise View session. Technicians can invite end users to connect to a live stream remote session by sending a text message, email URL, or code.


This means there’s nothing the end user needs to download on their end to join the ConnectWise View session and it’s not necessary for the host and end user to have the same operating system. ConnectWise View conveniently uses whatever browser the end user’s mobile device is equipped with. When the session is over, there’s nothing to remove from the device.

Reverse camera share and VoIP

ConnectWise View lets the host control the camera on the end user’s mobile device, including changing the camera from forward to back-facing to gain the best vantage point. With VoIP capabilities, you can coach your end user through the process of diagnosing and solving issues during the ConnectWise View session. You can pause and resume live streams without disconnecting from the session, as well as adjust video quality if bandwidth issues occur.

Big business benefits

The new frontier of remote support for hardware issues is here, bringing with it benefits that impact everything from time and expenses, to technician morale and more.

Cost savings

It’s expensive to roll a truck every time there’s a hardware issue, not to mention the valuable time away from other assignments it’s costing more advanced engineers. When the engineer arrives on site, they’ll often be faced with scope creep—things they weren’t originally called on site to address or fix. When all is said and done, mileage and travel expenses add up quickly, and in addition to this, the engineer is expected to track every minute and mile of their service. It’s a tall order.

ConnectWise View enables the engineer to remotely support clients with hardware and other on-site issues without having to drive to their location.

End-user education

There’s a common scenario in the tech support world: a customer becomes too flustered or distressed to assist an engineer in diagnosing the problem over the phone. They’re worried about breaking something or losing their data, turning what should be a productive phone call into something more arduous.

ConnectWise View empowers your customers—and you—with the ability to step into their shoes and direct them to the things you need to see to determine and correct the problem. What’s more, the opportunity to teach your end users puts you in the “trusted advisor” role.

Employee training

Training and onboarding new talent is essential to running a healthy business, but it inevitably drains your existing resources while they help get the new colleague up to speed. In the past, it wasn’t unheard of to have to send a senior engineer out with a junior.

With ConnectWise View, you can send a junior technician on site and support them remotely if they have questions for a more experienced engineer, freeing them up to work on more complex projects at the same time.

Not a ScreenConnect user? You can try ScreenConnect for free for fourteen days to test drive features like ConnectWise View (simply navigate to the Extension Marketplace in your trial and install the extension), backstage, remote support, and remote access that’s smooth, reliable, secure, and easy.