Have you checked out ConnectWise Automate’s new UI?

| By:
Brett Cheloff

Version 12 of ConnectWise Automate® is generally available and it’s fabulous! With a new look and feel, the control center now mimics other ConnectWise products. It truly is a seamless, sweet experience! Let’s take a closer look at ways we are giving time back with an updated UI.

Simplified and streamlined

The 1990s called. They want their user interface back, and we’ve obliged. In Automate version 12, we have improved our navigation menus using friendly categories, icons, and intuitive menus to help guide users through the product with greater ease and efficiency. We’ve enhanced functionality, providing technicians with fewer clicks to accomplish goals. In an instant, technicians can remotely instigate tasks like patching or running a script to multiple machines simultaneously. Users can easily populate groups without having to awkwardly drag and drop agents or append an auto-join search.

Customized views

We’ve given our users the ability to truly customize their device view by being able to drag and drop columns of data into the main view for further insight into the managed environment. It’s easy to move columns around and resize them allowing users to take charge in the way they work with the product.

Enhanced search and filter

We also enhanced filtering and search functionalities so that users can find what they are looking for faster. The new UI has additional time savers, like being able to add frequently used functions to a favorites menu for easier access. To top it off we enhanced personal preferences so users can customize and save based on their login. If they want a new computer to show in a separate window, they can set that. If they like a specific color theme for the product, they can set that too, and it is sticky on the next login.

All of this and more is yours when you choose ConnectWise Automate version 12. If you knew us LabTech, check us out as ConnectWise Automate. We’ve come a long way, baby.