ConnectWise Incident Response Service

When a cybersecurity event goes BOOM, expert help is here and ready to help—24/7!

You work hard to protect your clients’ most critical assets and have built the capabilities needed to detect and remediate many types of threats. But in an evolving cyber landscape, a new attack vector can surprise you! When you’re stalled in a worst-case critical incident, and time is against you, immediate access to a team of expert cybersecurity analysts can be a lifesaver to swiftly remediate the situation and return your client to normal business operations.

Say hello to your cyber reinforcements

The ConnectWise Incident Response Service provides real-time management, guidance, and analysis to help MSPs investigate, remediate, and recover from a severe security incident

  • 24/7/365 access to expert cybersecurity incident response analysts 
  • Real-time incident management coordinated within established processes and playbooks 
  • Formal analysis reports detailing observed and recommended tactical and strategic improvements
  • 30 days post-incident monitoring of environment for re-infections
"We often engage with people having the worst day one can imagine. Having access to an experienced team to help coordinate activities and provide analysis and guidance for containing and recovering from a cybersecurity incident can dramatically reduce damage caused to an organization when disaster strikes."

Drew Sanford- VP, Global Security Operations

Rapid response. Flexible service options.

As an extension of your team, we’ll help you expedite actions and techniques that speed response to cybersecurity incidents.


  • Pre-paid for a defined block of hours purchased at a discounted rate 
  • Guarantees the fastest response times under a Service Level Objective (SLO)
  • Includes an “incident readiness” onboarding process 
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  • A contractual agreement guaranteeing a specified hourly rate for an incident that falls outside of existing SOC incident support 
  • Allows incident response activities to begin unhindered; charges are applied after engaging the Incident Response Service team during an incident
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Be prepared for your worst-case scenario

When your world goes BOOM with a severe security incident you can respond with confidence backed by a world-class team of 160+ analysts armed with advanced tools, analytics, and proven experience. You’ll gain new insights on incident response processes, how attackers operate, and most importantly, how to better defend your clients.


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The team’s SOC certifications and accreditations

The ConnectWise Incident Response Service and Security Operations Center (SOC) are highly decorated with the latest certifications to deliver the most up-to-date cybersecurity services.







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