ConnectWise Sidekick™ for Automate and RMM

Save time and lower costs with AI RMM scripting


Discover the AI edge with ConnectWise Sidekick

Transform tedious tasks with AI scripting automation, empowering your team to concentrate on innovation and client relationships.
AI-generated scripting benefits
  • Create, review, and run scripts in minutes
  • Build tech confidence in scripting and free up their time for profitable work
  • All AI-generated scripts require approval, so your team is always in control

Quickly generate AI PowerShell, batch, and bash scripts.


Create PowerShell scripts in minutes.


“Even for experienced scripters there are benefits. Working with [AI-generated scripting] I end up learning. It’s a training experience to see how AI would generate the script.”

- Will Young, CTO, Bering McKinley 

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