IT Nation Secure 2023 Session Highlights

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Network with the pros and learn from industry experts

Two of the most significant advantages of attending IT Nation Secure are networking opportunities and expert-led sessions. Whether you're swapping stories with your peers or rubbing elbows with industry experts, it's the people that help you navigate the realities of being an IT solution provider (TSP). 

Featured Keynote Speaker: Deviant Ollam, professional thief

Deviant Ollam-headshot-290x290.jpg

While paying the bills as a physical penetration specialist with The CORE Group and the Director of Education for Red Team Alliance, Deviant Ollam also sat on the board of directors of the US division of TOOOL (The Open Organisation of Lockpickers) for 14 years, acting as the nonprofit's longest-serving board member.  

His books Practical Lock Picking and Keys to the Kingdom are among Syngress Publishing's best-selling pen-testing titles. In addition to being a lockpicker, Deviant is also a SAVTA-certified safe technician, a GSA-certified safe and vault inspector, member of the International Association of Investigative Locksmiths, a Life Safety and ADA Consultant, and an NFPA Fire Door Inspector.

Through the Eyes of a Thief

What do you see when you walk down city streets, through the hallways of office buildings, or ride an elevator up to your hotel room? Most see the world as we are expected to: stores that are open or closed, main entrances we're expected to use, and doors and floors only accessible if we are credentialed and authorized to be there.

That is not the world that I see. I am a professional thief.

Tuesday, June 6 | 9:00am | General Session

Can't-miss sessions

Session tracks are 100% focused on the most relevant business and cybersecurity challenges for TSPs. The expert-led sessions are packed full of incredible insights and takeaways.

Track: Build and Operationalize

How ConnectWise Business Management Solutions Support Your Cybersecurity Business

Learn how you can create and drive efficiencies within your cybersecurity business by leveraging the awesome ConnectWise Business Management solutions you use today (ConnectWise PSA, ConnectWise CPQ, BrightGauge, ITBoost, and more). In this interactive session, we'll discuss best practices for sales and service delivery and provide you with templates to share with your team. 

Track: Protect, Detect, and Respond

Fireside Chat: The CompTIA Trustmark

Whether you are an MSP of three or an MSP of three hundred, this session all about how the CompTIA Cybersecurity Trustmark will help build the cybersecurity foundation in your business. More importantly, you'll learn how it helps build confidence with your clients and separates you from other MSPs. This fireside chat allows you to ask questions and gain insights about applying controls and safeguards to improve your cybersecurity posture.

Track: Market and Sell

Marketing a Cybersecurity Practice Is a Totally Different Ballgame 

As MSPs "move up the stack," getting more serious about security is inevitable. Launching headlong into a security practice is common, but many run into problems because they still use the marketing ideas from when they were an MSP. This session covers marketing tactics for cybersecurity firms specifically and what they can to be taken seriously and attract the right customers.  

Track: Build and Operationalize

A Partner's Journey from MSP to MSSP

Join this panel hosted by Natalie Suarez, Principal Solutions Advisor at ConnectWise, to explore how some of your peers have transitioned from MSP to MSSP. This session will outline the steps, frameworks, and communities that helped propel them. You'll walk away with actionable items to add to your MSSP journey blueprint.

Track: Protect, Detect, and Respond

A Multi-Level Team-Centric Approach to Cybersecurity 

This discussion covers how companies can approach data security from the perspectives of legal, technical, insurance, and public relations. Get a global view into laws and regulations, practical and cost-effective cybersecurity infrastructure, insurance considerations, and proper communications during a data breach. Finally, you'll get the necessary tools for company leadership approval for cost-effective, powerful data security and cybersecurity enterprise strategy. 

Track: Market and Sell

Why "Discovery" Is Broken (and How to Fix It) 

If you go through the motions of "doing discovery" but something is missing, this session is for you! Explore how to conduct effective discovery in your sales calls, including how to establish rapport quickly, ask powerful questions to show the need for cybersecurity, and actively listen to your prospects. Learn strategies for uncovering your prospects' business challenges, goals, and priorities and how to position yourself as a problem-solver to differentiate yourself from the competition.