Cyber Research Unit (CRU)

Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence for TSPs and MSPs

Meet the team dedicated to decoding the mysteries of cybersecurity

All about the CRU

Security Content

All the latest in security news. The CRU identifies new vulnerabilities, researches them, and shares what they find with all to see.


The CRU has developed automated tools to perform basic analysis on security incidents to help automatically make decisions on escalation and remediation. 


With “research” in the name, it only makes sense that research is involved. They dig deep into automated and manual malware analysis, vulnerabilities, and more.


The CRU monitors ransom leak sites and malicious botnets for new threats, uses OSINT resources, and utilizes data from the Perch platform to help create content and complete research.

Threat Hunting

With the CRU, cyber threat hunting involves building visualizations to highlight abnormal activity, searching through data for new indicators of compromise (IoCs), or testing various queries and reviewing the results.


The CRU is a big fan of hosting CTFs, and for good reason. From their eyes, cybersecurity capture the flag events are a great way to dip your toes into cybersecurity or build upon expert skills.

Threat Report

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New Exchange Exploits Exploited in the Wild
News came out this week regarding a new method of exploiting Exchange that will bypass Microsoft’s recommended mitigations for ProxyNotShell.
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Patch Tuesday – December 2022
Latest security patches from Microsoft for December 2022
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Patch Tuesday – November 2022
Latest security patches from Microsoft for November 2022
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ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit Threat Feeds

This repository contains lists of threat intelligence discovered by the CRU using our internal sandbox built on top of the Perch platform or found while threat hunting. This data is threat intelligence the CRU has been collecting for years and using internally at ConnectWise for threat hunting and threat analysis assistance. We use this intelligence daily, searching for these indicators in our customer's network data to find new threats and filter out false positives. This feed is updated daily.

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Who we are

The ConnectWise CRU (Cyber Research Unit) is comprised of seasoned cyber professionals with deep engineering, IT administration, security operations, and incident analysis and response expertise. Leveraging years of real-world, hard knocks experience, the CRU team is dedicated to expanding the industry's collective understanding of today’s threat landscape. Armed with this intelligence, we seek to help defenders improve their defense-in-depth and keep critical assets safe.

2023 MSP Threat Report book cover
2023 MSP Threat Report

See what the CRU put together in the fourth edition of the MSP Threat Report. Get an eye-opening look at what MSPs faced in 2022 and predictions for 2023 and beyond.

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