How ConnectWise has helped Matrix Integration streamline processes to continue to grow their business

| By:
Craig Fulton
How Matrix Integration got its start

Matrix Integration was founded in 1997 as a result of a merger between The Computer Center and Commsound Telecommunications. Brenda Stallings, founder and CEO of The Computer Center, and Dan Fritch, founder and COO of Commsound Telecommunications, had a common philosophy of helping their clients achieve their goals through the use of technology. 

Matrix Integration has two business units: Service Provider (SP), a traditional VAR providing products and projects, and their MSP unit providing managed service offerings. 

Juan has been involved with IT for over 25 years. He became a certified trainer during college and provided technical training to individuals and organizations. His big goal was to simplify technology to enable people and businesses to be more efficient. He has been with Matrix Integration for 20 years and has been involved in many business implementation projects, including the documentation of all business processes and aligning them to IT. They use ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) to help build and manage the Managed Services team. 

Becoming a ConnectWise partner

Matrix Integration has been a ConnectWise Partner for ten years. They use ConnectWise PSA, ConnectWise Control, and ConnectWise Automate. Juan reflected on what brought Matrix Integration to ConnectWise.

“It’s amazing now, looking back and without even calling it out, we realize we had the silos of chaos. We had multiple products managing multiple tasks, and nothing was streamlined.”

They were looking for a solution that would fit their needs and their industry. They researched and tried several CRM products and solutions, but none did what they needed them to do. Their business was growing, and they needed to be more agile. Their employees, clients, and industry were demanding it, and ConnectWise PSA could bridge the gap quickly.

Why did Matrix Integration go with ConnectWise versus other competitors? Juan says it came down to expertise and support in conjunction with solid products. 

When asked why they stay with ConnectWise, Juan said, “I think for us it is knowing that ConnectWise is so integrated with our industry, demands, and challenges that we don’t need to worry about our PSA being able to support that. Also, the introduction of new products that help our business.”

Getting involved in The IT Nation

Juan has found The IT Nation community as the missing piece to the business’ success. 

“We discover that we all have similar needs and challenges, and we are all willing to help and learn from each other. The IT Nation provides partners at all levels of the organization with the tools necessary to be successful.”

Many know that a company’s greatest asset is people, and The IT Nation empowers people with knowledge. It provides an understanding of new challenges and trends in real-time, along with product training. The community also gives access to the technologies that will help them succeed as an organization, which is the most significant value to Juan.

Juan attended his first event ten years ago, even before their implementation of the ConnectWise products. They had many questions and needs and found that creating relationships with other partners, vendors, and the ConnectWise team was the best and quickest way to adopt the product and grow their business successfully.