IT Nation Secure 2023 Session Decks

Session Name

Session Speakers

Dave Alton & Sean Lardo

Alicia Jeatsa, Roopak Patel

The ConnectWise Cybersecurity Vision & Roadmap

Raffael Marty

Lydia Paulin, Robert DeBok

Chris Cochran, Ethan Tancredi

Leading Edge of SASE

Wolfgang Goerlich

Matt Lee, Jason Slagle, Tom Lawrence

Add Revenue, Extend Compliance - Help your clients mature with cybersecurity and compliance

Kimberly Simon

Session Name

Session Speakers

Leading Clients into Security Through Business Conversations about IT

James Riley

Tim Weber, Ed Correia, Mark Banens, Maddie Metheny, Jay Ryerse, CISSP

Dimitri Korahais, Justin Ceballos

Bryan Pasquale, Robert DeBok

Maddie Metheny, Jay Ryerse, CISSP

Eric Tilds

Check our resources for the ConnectWise booth and learn more about how ConnectWise can help you on your Cybersecurity journey