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Peer Groups | Coaching & Consulting

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IT Nation Evolve Peer Groups

IT Nation Evolve peer groups are designed to allow you the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with your IT peers. There are peer groups for managed service provider (MSP) owners, sales team members, and service techs.

For Owners

As the owner of an MSP, you get caught up in the day-to-day operations and may lose sight of the bigger picture—growing your business. You’ve made it this far but you need a little help getting to the next level. IT Nation Evolve peer groups are the way for you to talk and learn from those who have been where you are, and know what it takes to break through.

IT Nation Evolve has a variety of different peer groups designed to fit your schedule and meet your business needs.

Network 101

Stay connected with your IT industry peers in this collaborative online community. Busy IT professionals get the peer group experience in a virtual environment without the travel expenses and time away from your business. This is your opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge with online meetings to help you and your business succeed faster. Gain insight into topics including growing management teams and leaders, hiring practices to attract and retain top talent, maximizing the value of strategic vendor programs, and more.

Network 201

It’s time to move past just having a job and start building a successful business. Build positive professional relationships and life-long connections at IT Nation Evolve quarterly meetings. These face-to-face peer group meetings offer MSP owners an environment to share ideas and learn best practices for growing their businesses responsibly and profitably. You’ll communicate with peers and participate in in-depth sessions focused on growing every part of your organization—from leadership and management to employee relations and HR.

Network 301

Take your MSP to the next level. These IT Nation Evolve quarterly, face-to-face meetings provide a transformative environment for personal and professional growth. This is your chance to engage in conversation, with IT industry peers, share insight and experiences, and get better together. These meetings are focused on topics in areas including leadership, management, sales and marketing, and more. Participation at this level requires your business have at least $750,000 in revenue and eight full-time employees.

For Sales

Empower your sales team by allowing them to develop meaningful and insightful relationships with experienced sales executive peers. This is perfect for your Account Executives, Business Development Managers, Sales Managers, and Inside Sales team members.

IT Nation Evolve has semi-annual, face-to-face meetings where your sales team can focus on building critical foundations, including building leadership and management skills, setting and executing on goals, improving business financial principles, and more.

For Service

Strengthen your service team by harnessing the knowledge and insight of experienced service executive peers. This is perfect for Dispatchers, Service Managers, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Technology Officers.

IT Nation Evolve has semi-annual, face-to-face meetings where your service team can focus on building critical foundations, including learning best practices around professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms, comparing standardized metrics in peer groups, exposure to ideas to meet customer needs, and more.

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