What do you get from IT Nation Evolve?

Planning, accountability, and success

As the owner of a technology service provider (TSP), you want to grow your business but might be too focused on the day-to-day operations to think about the big picture. If you’ve ever found yourself lacking in accountability and discipline, or are unsure how to put your ideas into action and achieve your goals, IT Nation Evolve is here to help.

Conducted quarterly, IT Nation Evolve peer groups meet face-to-face for two days filled with opportunities to develop deep and meaningful relationships with others in the IT industry. IT Nation Evolve is a place to focus on critical foundations to achieve a higher quality of life—both personally and professionally.

As a member of IT Nation Evolve, you’ll walk away with the knowledge to:

Create personalized plans for business, life, and legacy

Strategize for sustainable growth

Apply Service Leadership Index benchmarking and metrics

Improve leadership and management skills

Implement service team processes, metrics, and KPIs

Grow management teams and leaders

Maximize the value of strategic vendor programs

Develop hiring practices, checklists, and onboarding processes

Build personal and professional relationships

Manage and compensate sales staff

Engage and grow your relationship with industry vendors