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Who is The IT Nation?

The IT Nation is made up of IT industry experts, peers, and friends who are ready to help you learn and grow. This non-competitive community is focused on collaboration. We’re all working to push technology forward—and we’re working together to make that happen. As a part of The IT Nation, you’ll build meaningful, long-term connections with like-minded individuals looking to share expertise and help each other find success. You’re already part of The IT Nation, now it’s your time to engage with it.

Engage with The IT Nation at Our Events

Take your first look at The IT Nation at our local IT Nation® Share events. Amp up your business-building education and inspiration at IT Nation® Connect. Dig deep into improving your solutions experience at IT Nation® Explore, and navigate the big picture with everything from life planning to leaving a legacy at IT Nation® Evolve.

Our Events

IT Nation Connect

Thought Leadership for Long-Term Success

You may know it as IT Nation. This is the industry leading conference for thought leadership and best practices for company leaders.

IT Nation Evolve

Thought Leadership for Long-Term Success

Find connections, personal growth, and professional development as these member-based peer groups, which you might know as HTG.

IT Nation Share

In-Depth Product Training

These complimentary user groups offer partner networking, best practices, and thought leadership during one-day, regional events.

IT Nation Explore

In-Depth Product Training

Get in-depth ConnectWise platform training and innovation sneak peeks at our product-focused conference, formerly Automation Nation.

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