Who is The IT Nation?

| By:
Pete Sorensen

There’s been a lot of conversation and questions surrounding who The IT Nation is. Is it anyone who attends IT Nation Connect? Is it the ConnectWise partner community? Is it only a select group of ConnectWise loyalists?

Put simply: The IT Nation is you.

"This is our industry; we own it"

The IT Nation is a worldwide community of technology professionals dedicated to learning from and alongside each other. The IT Nation isn’t afraid to collaborate in the interest of driving their businesses—and the IT industry—forward.

"This is where a lot of the vision casting in our industry happens"

Our goal for The IT Nation is to provide members of The IT Nation with opportunities to build meaningful, long-term connections in a non-competitive space. This is why we invest so much time and resources into our IT Nation events: We believe in the power our community holds and realize it’s something no one else can offer.

IT Nation Share, user groups by ConnectWise, offers partners networking, practical business advice, and product education during a one-day regional meeting. These quarterly events allow attendees to talk to other solution providers in their area in a non-competitive environment, plus leave with actionable items they can implement in their businesses immediately.

At IT Nation Connect, IT conference by ConnectWise, business owners and leaders can hear from industry thought leaders and experts on the future of the IT industry, as well as how to better run and grow their businesses. IT Nation Connect offers leaders the chance to get out of the day to day of their businesses and gain advice from the experts who are helping drive the industry forward.

IT Nation Explore, partner conference by ConnectWise, is where partners can immerse themselves to learn how to better use the solutions that power their businesses. At IT Nation Explore, formerly Automation Nation, attendees can work directly with ConnectWise product experts on how to better use the products—and gain sneak peeks into what enhancements are on the road map.

IT Nation Evolve, peer groups by ConnectWise, allows professionals the chance to plan ahead for the legacy they want to leave behind—professionally and personally. Formerly known as HTG, IT Nation Evolve members speak openly and candidly about business problems to solve and goals to achieve, and IT Nation Evolve members support and encourage each other to ensure these goals are met.