2024 Challenge Coin

Be one of the first 10 to showcase your cyber skills and you could win incredible prizes
The challenge coin is back for the fifth year in a row!

Get ready for an extra special challenge. Showcase your hacking skills and be one of the first to uncover the secret passphrase for the potential to win big*.

Power up with a supercharged prize

Never let a drained battery hold you back again. The Duracell M150 Power Station is a lightweight, compact portable power bank for charging laptops, phones, tablets, earbuds, smartwatches, and more. At just under two pounds, this mobile charger is light enough to bring anywhere and FDA-compliant for carry-on bags—making it the perfect travel or remote work companion.

Not sure you have the space to take your prize home with you? We can ship it to you, anywhere in the continental US.

Crack the code and you could win!

Solve the cipher

Put your cyber skills to the test and solve the cipher using the challenge coin to identify the correct passphrase.

First 10 win

Be one of the first 10 to uncover the correct passphrase and recite it to a representative at the Event Services desk.

Win a prize!

As a reward, win an exclusive IT Nation power station - either take it with you or have it shipped to your location!*

*Vendors, ConnectWise colleagues, media, and social guests are not eligible for challenge coin prizes. Shipping is only available for continental US-based attendees. Only one winner per attending company. Other terms and conditions may apply.