IT Nation Secure

June 5-7, 2023   | Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center | Orlando

Registration is open for the must-attend cybersecurity conference conference for TSPs interested in securing their business and clients and building cybersecurity services.

What is The IT Nation?

The IT Nation is a global community of peers, thought leaders, and experts dedicated to pushing you and the industry to new heights. Between conferences, in-depth product trainings, and community-based events, you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with your fellow IT Nation members and help each other reach success. Wise Together. Rise Together.

What do you get from The IT Nation?

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The IT Nation goes far beyond just events. It’s a community built to share and collaborate with each other.

  • Connect to a world-wide network of peers and experts to help you grow.
  • Be a part of a community of IT professionals just like you.
  • Gain business guidance, advice, and resources to help you and your business succeed.
  • Get the best in thought leadership and training, along with access to ConnectWise University courses.
  • Make friends and gain support from others in The IT Nation.

What's it like in The IT Nation?



See how The IT Nation has helped real people find long-term success.
“For us it's an opportunity to be in the community and be a part of what this community has to offer but more importantly to have our message come to the community so they understand what our strategies are and what we're looking to do with MSPs.”

German Gonzalez, Cisco

“I think that the name IT Nation Connect says it all. IT Nation is a nation. We are all peers. IT is fundamental to every kind out there, every business, and the fabric of our economy. By acting as a nation, we are bringing so many peers together. We are a powerhouse over here and it's really amazing to see the energy and to bring all that back. I think that we're all very strong together as opposed to individually.”

Joseph Rabinowitz,

“Everybody wants to support each other. It's so open to be able to sit down and talk about what vendors you do use, how you're making out with it, things that you would change, pros and cons across the board and it's really nice to go home and be able to say, hey, let's actually try this feature with it.”

Emily Reed, Tera Technology Group