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The releases below are full server installations of ConnectWise Control, which include client components. Mobile clients can be downloaded from the appropriate app store.

Important Notice for ConnectWise Automate® Partners

ConnectWise Control version 2019.0 contains updates that will break remote control capabilities on older versions of the ConnectWise Automate Control Plugin. To ensure a seamless experience, update the ConnectWise Automate Control Plugin before updating your ConnectWise Control server.

Changes to macOS Support

Important Information for macOS On-Premises Partners

Due to changing security trends, partner needs, and development demands, ConnectWise Control will no longer support macOS Server for on-premises installations. This includes the discontinuation of new builds and partner support via phone, email, and chat after October 2019 or the end of your renewal date. For more detailed information, please visit the Tech Bulletin.

IE Deprecation for 6.8 Host Page

Beginning with ConnectWise Control version 6.8, the Host page will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE). End users will still be able to access your Guest page with IE, but hosts will need to use an updated, alternate browser to access the Host and Administration pages. For more information about supported browsers and versions, please read the Browser requirements documentation article.


ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect) pre-releases are still under development, and have been made available for community testing. These versions may contain incomplete or unstable features that our team is currently tweaking and testing. We do not recommend using pre-releases in a production environment.

Stable Release

The following versions have been through our complete quality assurance process and extensive community testing.

Looking for an older version?

An archive of all stable releases of the software can be found here >>
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