ConnectWise Control 101: the shared toolbox

| By: Jeff Bishop

One of the key features of ConnectWise Control® is our shared toolbox.  With the shared toolbox, the administrator can upload self-contained executables to the ConnectWise Control server. Unlike the personal toolbox, tools that are uploaded to the shared toolbox are available to use by any host, in any location. This can be handy if the administrator knows there are certain tools that all his/her technicians will want to use.

So with cloud storage being so plentiful and inexpensive, what if you’re using a third-party service like Dropbox to house valuable tools.  Here’s some instructions on how to easily leverage these options from the host client.

Setup for shared toolbox

You can change the shared toolbox to point to a new location.

To change the shared server-side toolbox to a cloud storage:
  1. Map the cloud storage to a Drive
  2. Go to your Web.config file. The web.config file can be found in your installation of the server instance of ConnectWise Control at C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenConnect in your file explorer.
  3. Open the web.config as administrator and change the location of the Shared Toolbox in the Web.config file. This can be done by changing the value in the ToolboxDirectoryPath to the desired directory.

<add key=”ToolboxDirectoryPath” value=”App_Data/Toolbox”/>


While you can change the shared toolbox to a shared cloud location, you will still need to set up the shared access with the desired people.  This is separate from ScreenConnect and will be based on the cloud sharing you are using.

For more information about the shared toolbox, check out this video and the full notes from ConnectWise Control.

Setup for personal toolbox
  1. Map the cloud storage to a Drive or location on your computer.
  2. You can then proceed 2 different ways, by editing in the session or by editing the App.config file
Edit in a session (Editing in a session will just change it for that particular session)
  1. Connect as a host to a Session.
  2. Within the ConnectWise Control session, click on the Toolbox menu option and under Manage Personal Toolbox select the Change folder button.
  3. A folder browser will now pop up and you should select the cloud folder location on your computer.
  4. Now the contents of that directory will show up in your toollbox. You’re done!
Editing the App.config file with the Edit the App.Config Extension (will change it for everyone who uses this server)
  1. Make sure you have installed the Edit the App.Config Extension. (This can be added by going to the Extensions page in Administration, Browsing Online Extensions and installing)
  2. Open the Edit the App.Config Extension.
  3. Change the setting value “ToolboxDirectory” to the absolute file path for your chosen cloud directory and click “Save App.Config”.