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CRM | ConnectWise

Manage Your Relationships the Right Way

As the top rated CRM for technology companies, ConnectWise helps you improve sales productivity and keep revenue flowing by putting all of your customer and sales information into one centralized system. Manage your sales pipeline,  and sales reps, and keep your funnel full.


Our sales opportunities management system keeps you effective. You’ll be able to handle more because we’ll show you which opportunities to tackle first, and give you the tools to complete them efficiently.


Pipeline Reporting

Gain dashboard visibility into how you’re performing to set performance metrics. We make it easy to see precisely where you stand.

Accurate Records

Having a unified process for documenting client conversations, issues, and configurations can be the difference between an okay and an exceptional customer experience. Having a centralized repository for client records makes it easy for every employee to become an expert on your client in just a few minutes

Complete CRM

You’ll enjoy automated hand-offs that allow customer expectations and deliverables to transfer from procurement to service delivery and beyond—without falling through the cracks.


  1. Measure sales activity without micromanaging
  2. Increase accountability to meet sales quotas
  3. Forecast sales quickly and accurately
  4. Automate administrative tasks
  5. Get a 360-degree view of customer records

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