Managed Services: 2018’s Winners & Losers

August 03, 2018

Emerging technology. Evolving security threats. Changes in customer demands. These are all challenges MSPs will face in 2018 and beyond. Whether or not these are successfully navigated will determine if a company is going to grow, stay stagnate, or decline—especially in a growing IT market with immense competition. ConnectWise, with the help of market research specialist Vanson Bourne, has invested in research to help their partners identify the trends impacting success.

During our webinar, we’ll explore the following topics that can help improve your business, including:

  • Managed Services as a Business Model: A background of the 150 companies interviewed.
  • Services Managed: What type of services these companies have managed & which tend to be the most/least profitable.
  • Customer Demand: What customers are demanding & what's growing vs. declining.
  • Measuring Success in the MSP Marketplace: Key KPIs, challenges, and methodology for measuring success.
  • Looking Ahead: Where is the future taking us?

Succeed in the Changing MSP Landscape