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IT Nation Share

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See Why You Belong

Covering everything from Service to Business Growth, Operations to HR, Sales to Marketing, and much more, IT Nation Share is the perfect fit for anyone in your organization. See the latest product updates, share ideas and experiences, and network with peers. Once you make the choice to step onboard with us, you’ll reach new heights.

Why Should You Attend IT Nation Share?


Hands-On Product Training

Learn from the best ConnectWise product experts and join in on interactive sessions!


Maximize Your Tools

Are you using your tools the most efficiently as possible? Attend an IT Nation Share meeting and you’ll uncover new ways for your employees & your business to grow and become more efficient.


Access to Free Certifications

By attending an IT Nation Share meeting this quarter, you will get access to a free certification in the ConnectWise University. This is an almost $300 value!

Who Should Attend IT Nation Share?

Sales Leaders

Shift your sales team into high gear to close more deals, faster. IT Nation Share will arm you with the tools, tactics, and motivation to make it happen.

Service Leaders

Take service excellence to the next level. Join breakout sessions and mingle with other service leaders who are masters in this field.

Operations Leader

From hand offs to help desks and all the challenges in between, join sessions, partner panels, and product training to inspire excellence in your operations team.

Multiple Hat Wearer

There’s no job the ‘multiple hat wearer’ shies away from. With content ranging from business building to operations excellence and everything in between, IT Nation Share will leave you prepared for it all.

“That’s what I find at IT Nation Share events: You always get actionable items that you can take home and implement.”

Holli Houseworth, Director of Operations, Cloud Cover

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